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Zombie Combat Experience for Two

Zombie Combat Experience for Two
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Ever wondered if you could survive a zombie apocalypse? Well now is your chance to find out! You, your friend and your team of survivors will be thrown straight into the action. Communication has been lost with the outside world, so you must work together as a squad in order to achieve your objectives. Volunteers are needed to slow down the spread of infection, find a cure and rid the world of this horrific epidemic. Without a cure, survival will soon become hopeless as the infection spreads and the zombie horde rages out of control. The fate of the human race hangs in the balance, but are you brave enough to stand and be counted? The action takes place outdoors in the late evening. As soon as you arrive on site you will be met by the camp security who will tell you where you need to be. Make sure you listen and get in place as you don’t want to be lost to the infection this early on! After you have been through the security screening, you and the rest of the survivors will be given a brief on the current situation from the camp commander. Various weapons and protective equipment have been salvaged. You will be given a demonstration on how to use them before being kitted out with the protective clothing. You will then be split into teams, handed over to one of the military section commanders and issued weapons. At this point things start to get real. There is no time to waste, as you will be sent straight into the thick of the action to complete various missions. The missions will vary depending on what the camp commander feels is most important to camp sustainability. Just know that your actions can directly impact the fate of the human race!

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